Auto accidents can happen anytime and anywhere… and often when you least expect them. From serious collisions to minor parking lot fender benders, car accidents typically lead to some physical damage. To get your car looking like it’s brand new again, you may need to make an appointment with a local detail body shop.

At an auto body shop detailing center, you’ll be able to get your vehicle the care that it needs. The technicians who work in the auto body repair shop will specialize in a number of common repairs, including the ones listed below.

5 Common Collision Repair Services

  1.  Dents

Dents are by far the most common results from fender benders and minor car crashes. Often, dents occur because you accidentally back into something in the parking lot, or because your car door is hit at just the right angle by a runaway shopping cart. Dents are easy to acquire, and they are also easy to repair. A body shop detailer will be able to remove those dents and get your car looking fresh and new again.

  1. Paint

Another common result from fender benders and minor car accidents? Scratched or chipped paint. Your body shop detailer will be able to match the exact paint color of your vehicle, completely erasing any sign of damage.

  1. Windshield issues

Windshield cracks happen all the time, not just due to collisions but also due to things like hail storms or errant baseballs. At a collision repair center, you’ll be able to get that windshield back in one piece.

  1. Bumper damage

Bumpers play an important role in minimizing damage from a car collision. Because bumpers bear the brunt of the impact, they are uniquely prone to scratches, dents, and scrapes. Visit a collision body shop to have your bumper fixed.

  1. Fender damage

Likewise, a collision body shop will be able to repair any damage to your fender, the metal structure that frames your wheel well.

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