Hitting potholes on the road can be a jolting, even painful experience for drivers and passengers alike. However, that’s not the only reason why you should avoid potholes. Hitting them can also be damaging to your car, potentially resulting in a number of major maintenance issues and repair needs.

What are Potholes?

When we talk about potholes, what exactly are we talking about? Basically, a pothole is any hole found on the road. They can come in any shape or size, and they are most often caused by the expansion or contraction of groundwater. Because of this, potholes are most common during the winter and spring, especially following intense rainfall or snowfall.

Potholes can appear pretty suddenly, so it’s very possible to come across a surprise pothole on a road you use regularly. As such, vigilance and attentiveness are crucial when traversing them.

How Potholes Can Damage Your Car

There are a number of ways in which hitting potholes can damage your vehicle, potentially requiring you to go to a detail body shop or auto body paint and repair shop.

Some of the primary ways in which hitting potholes can damage your vehicle include:

●   Damage to your tires. Your tires make direct contact with the pothole, which can result in numerous kinds of damage, e.g., tread separation, sidewall bulges, and even flats.

●   Damage to your wheels. Hitting a pothole can also do extensive damage to your wheels, even scratching up the rims.

●   Damage to your vehicle suspension. Your vehicle suspension is designed to absorb impact and ensure a smooth ride, but it has its limits. Damage to your suspension may require a visit to a collision repair center or collision body shop.

●   Damage to your exhaust system. Because the exhaust pipes hang down on the underside of the vehicle, they can very easily get damaged by impact with potholes.

Questions About Auto Body Shop Detailing?

This winter, make sure you keep your eyes open for potholes, and avoid them whenever you can. If you do find yourself in need of a qualified auto body detailer, we welcome you to contact Clift Buick GMC to set up an appointment at any time.